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T.G. Tunnelling Limited has in recent years established itself as one of the most highly respected and fastest growing companies within the industry.

The Company has been particularly active in the UK and Irish Republic within recent years.. The volume of work required TGT’s dedicated and skilled work force to rise to over 400 people across all projects. Our wealth of experience provides client with the right blend of suitably trained personnel capable of executing the required task correctly and with out delay.

The company prides itself on providing it’s customers with the right solution to suit their particular needs. To ensure this TGT adopt a totally flexible approach working with both customers and consultants, providing sound technical advice method statements and safe systems of work to assure success on even the most testing of operations. Recent examples of this include the installation of a sewer by pipe-jacking techniques as an alternative to open cut, and casting of a reinforced secondary lining to sewer in lieu of segmental GRP lining.

T.G Tunnelling Ltd provides its clients with cost and time effective solutions, without sacrificing quality quality or safety standards. The company is renown for it’s expertise iun the more technically demanding aspects of underground construction and has successfully completed extremely complex sections of work including stepped plate Junctions, Cross Passages, Escalator shafts and ventilation Shafts, below and adjacent to existing to existing structures.

TGT also has vast experience in sinking conventional shafts by either underpinning of Caisson methods. TGT has extensive knowledge of mechanised tunnelling, having a utulised full face TBM’s in both hard and sift bground, slurry machines, Road-headers and Backhoes. Tunnel linings installed by the company include unreinforced and reinforced Shotcrete (NATM), Standard and Tapered PC Concrete Segments, Expanded Wedge Block Linings and a variety of Graphite and Cast Iron Sections

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